• Google Chrome

    The award-winning Google Chrome Speed Test spots were the basis for a fully integrated digital campaign with contextually adapting rich and standard banner concepts across a massive media plan. All concept iterations were localized in 26 markets. On a tight 3-week schedule, we partnered with boutique Bajibot drawing accolades for creative 3D work produced from physical media manipulation (i.e. slicing and projecting potatoes to understand textures and travel trajectories/velocities). Google’s high demand for precision in the execution was undoubtedly a challenge met by our keen optimization skills and flawless workflow.

    BBH New York: Digital production, project management.
  • Cadillac/Cool Hunting

    A Cadillac-sponsored Cool Hunting app for iOS. A collaboration between Cadillac, Cool Hunting, BBH and Front-Ended. I assisted production, including asset management, content calendar creation, content strategy and copy editing for Cadillac's bi-weekly features. Initially based on the launch of the 2010 Cadillac CTS.

    BBH New York: Content strategy, project management, copy editing.
  • Mercedes-Benz

    From 2004-2007, I managed all broadcast, print and outdoor production for Mercedes-Benz USA as an Account Executive at its agency of record.

    Merkley + Partners: Account management, production, management, mentoring
  • Spring Street Union

    In 2004, I co-founded and produced the Spring Street Sessions (in West Soho, Manhattan) as a weekly platform/workshop for artists and songwriters to cultivate their art and track their weekly progression in front of a live (and supportive) recorded audience. Each artist was incentivized to return weekly, with a free recording of their previous week's performance from our DIY Pro-Tools rig. After 9 successful months we released a compilation record, "Sprung" which was completely mined from the weekly performances of this vibrant music community we had fostered. The Spring Street Union was a later continuation in partnership with Union Hall (Park Slope, Brooklyn) created in early 2006.

    Freelance: Naming, identity, branding, art direction, event production, social media strategy
  • Khaya Cookie Company

    Khaya is a socially conscious, for-profit that creates hundreds of jobs for previously unemployed men and women in South Africa and the United States.

    Our tasked rebrand and package design employed a deep, sophisticated, African color palette with simple graphic patterns speaking to the brand's richness and heritage. The emblem containing 'Khaya' references the Dutch colonial architectural influences of South Africa, relating back to the word Khaya which means home in Xhosa, a traditional South African language. A gloss printing technique makes the box feel more tacile to further the story of an elemental origin evolving into a more polished form.

    Tag Collective: Identity, brand strategy, package design, tone of voice, copywriting, microsite design and development
  • Mile End

    In 2009, I helped open the infamous Mile End Delicatessen in Boerum Hill, while freelancing with Tag Collective. I was responsible for operations setup, kickstarting and developing the company culture and offered management and tech support and consulting to the owners for the launch of their first ever restaurant. I also learned how to execute a mean 10-day dry cure and 12-hour smoking of the finest grass-fed brisket. Bringing together my marketing/management background and love of fine food, it was a refreshing passion project that's continued to evolve into an long-term relationship with the restaurant group. It's been an incredible success.

    Freelance: Consulting, management, culture creation.
  • Crespella

    In 2010, I collaborated with Rebecca Eley, founder of Tag Collective to concept a name, identity and physical environment for Crespella, a Park Slope, Brooklyn-based startup cafe.

    A fully integrated project, we delivered every possible design application, (including the build and interior itself), art directed and setup the space, hired and trained a full staff, developed PR/social media management strategy, and created a unique culture--in just 2-months time. We developed honest, comprehensive design and tone of voice brand guidelines that were based on the mission and unique personalities of the cafe owners. Crespella has been profitable since inception and quickly spawned the investment in a second venture, Zito's Sandwich Shoppe.

    Tag Collective: Identity, branding, tone of voice, interior design, culture creation, staff training, PR, social media strategy
  • Dwell Studio

    DwellStudio, a high-end textile company, has a loyal following of design savvy consumers. When it began selling its product at Target back in 2007, the owners expressed concern about potentially alienating their core consumers. In an effort to maintain and convey the perpetual style and craftsmanship behind the studio's doors, we developed this Flash-based microsite.  Fun facts and details of the designers' unique creative process are hidden alongside products with an interactive pattern matching game, as a tool to showcase DwellStudio's inherent creativity and refined design sensibilities.

    The Ito Partnership: Branding, design and Flash microsite development
  • Empty album

  • Chevrolet: The Road We’re On

    In September 2011, Mother New York was tasked with creating an interactive microsite in celebration of Chevy's 100th year anniversary. The project brief was to celebrate the brand's rich, American history building upon the idea that "Chevy Runs Deep."

    We visited Bridgeville, PA (home of the oldest Chevy dealership in the country) and created a series of episodic films that that told the rich stories of a town and its people, deeply connected to Chevy since its inception.

    To house the content and entice engagement, we created a dynamic HTML 5 microsite built on the Drupal CMS that featured an interactive map with which Chevy enthusiasts could view our original films and photography, upload their own stories and photos, pinning them to a specific date and location.

    Mother New York: Digital production.
  • Stella Artois

    Under the Holiday Star was an integrated campaign centered around the creation of an original holiday jazz album composed and recorded by Human Worldwide. An age-gated Flash microsite (and corresponding HTML mobile site) served as interactive album art whereby the leading actress comes to life, telling the story of the Stella's origin and enticing users to download a zipped folder of the songs. The dual-sided animated artwork enabled users to sample tracks, download or gift the album via "Send to a Friend" form fields and share the experience on Facebook while promoting the Stella Artois "Under the Holiday Star" page. Standard and rich banners supported the campaign. All localized in 8 markets.

    Mother New York: Design, broadcast and interactive production.
  • Maison Gerard

    Website and inventory management CMS for a high-end boutique furniture shop.

    Mother New York: Design and development.
  • Animal New York

    ANIMAL is a daily mix of NYC-centric art, news, culture, politics and opinion. Once there was a magical agency called Mother that invested in a small sticky blog by a self-made journalist named Bucky. Mother fostered Animal into a full-blown media company--complete with its own developers and tech team. I fostered its brand and site strategy, nurtured creative and hand-held a very large team of diametrical performers--all while wearing every hat from IA and UX to copywriter, PM, producer and contributor. Animal gets over 10k visitors daily.

    Mother New York: Identity, branding, strategy, design, web development, content creation, writing.
  • Medal Count

    A friend and I pitched the sale of the MedalCount.com domain to Mother New York for promotional use during the 2012 London Olympics. It was in the top 3 Google searches... We built this is intuitive "no frills" medal counter as a way to boost traffic on ANIMAL New York. We designed and built it in a week and a half for less that 15k. We received over 350k,uniques in just 1-week's time and reached our highest ever daily traffic on ANIMAL . Oh and we also got linked all over the internet--Reddit, Gizmodo, Boing BoingFast Co. Create, PBS, Lifehacker,  Media Bistro, Creativity Online and Trend Hunter--just to name a few.

    Mother New York: Concept, design and development