• Chevrolet: The Road We’re On

    In September 2011, Mother New York was tasked with creating an interactive microsite in celebration of Chevy's 100th year anniversary. The project brief was to celebrate the brand's rich, American history building upon the idea that "Chevy Runs Deep."

    We visited Bridgeville, PA (home of the oldest Chevy dealership in the country) and created a series of episodic films that that told the rich stories of a town and its people, deeply connected to Chevy since its inception.

    To house the content and entice engagement, we created a dynamic HTML 5 microsite built on the Drupal CMS that featured an interactive map with which Chevy enthusiasts could view our original films and photography, upload their own stories and photos, pinning them to a specific date and location.

    Mother New York: Digital production.